Technology Research and Development




With the gradual improvement of industrial science and technology, we treat the technological innovation as the key project and stick to the technological policy of “strengthening the quality of existing screw arbor, innovating the research and development of screw arbor technologically” , which is the central standpoint of the Company.

We have been introducing the instruments like advanced equipment for the research and development and brought in outstanding and professional talents constantly for years. Working as a team, we are dedicated to the innovation of screw arbor and the research and development of projects. During the process of innovation, we figure out various solutions to different links and questions and check each level fastidiously to strive for perfection.

Currently, we have built a long-term cooperative relation with foreign scientific research institutions and exchange the techniques of quality of screw arbor and innovation of new screw arbor, which lays great foundations for the future development of the Company.





Precedence Equipment


In accordance with the standard of IS09001:2000, the Company is equipped with the advanced metallographic analyzer, precise analytical instrument for metal chemical composition, surface roughness inspection tester, supersonic flaw detector, digital—display Brinell hardness tester and Leeb high-accuracy hardness tester, metallic detection devices for physical index like torque and pulling force, and sets up the standardized measuring rooms like Inspection Center of Measuring Tools and Maintenance and Repair Centre of Common Measuring Tools.