Spoilers talk about some deadly attack


They say, when a secret gets exposed to more than two e […]

They say, when a secret gets exposed to more than two entities, it no longer remains a secret. The extremely professional team of NCIS will tumble upon a secret of a marine’s life, while investigating a deadly attack on him. Season 9 episode 2 will bring to us the consequences, but before that, there will be some extremely conspicuous moments that will compel each member of the team to put their wits together. Let’s find out how the suspense-filled incidents will roll out. NCIS season 9 episode 2 will open with a marine attending his homecoming party. But the joy of returning to homeland from the war front will soon get marred as some unprecedented incidents would take center stage. In the past, we have witnessed this team making inroads while dealing with any crime.

This time too, there is no exception as this bunch of criminologists will jump into the crime scene (the party), and start with proceedings. But the twist in the tale would come, when they unravel some mystery about this marine’s seemingly peaceful life! How deadly will the attack be? Will it have some vital evidence that can be used to crack this case? Once you get to watch the events in NCIS season 9 episode 2 "Restless", the cat will come out of bag. Spoilers talk about some deadly attack, which invariably brings to fore the possibilities of loss of life.

What if this marine, who is fatally injured, stabbed to be precise, is murdered! Will it make the case more intriguing? NCIS season 9 episode 2 online will be available right after its release, so if you feel like brainstorming in your leisure, go for it. One more reason why you must watch NCIS season 9 episode 2 "Restless" is the trouble in this circle of criminologists. The previous segment brought to us some baffling investigation mess, because of the death of an NCIS agent.

And with one more intriguing case to solve, we can’t write off the possibilities of problems within the team. The trouble is not the difference among these teammates, but with the pressure of not letting any loopholes crop up in the investigations, tempers are bound to high fly! The forthcoming episode is aptly titled ‘Restless’, because the team members will have their job cut out. Not only will they need to wind up the case fast, they will also have to make sure that no untoward banter takes place with the officials of other departments. Watch NCIS season 9 full episodes religiously, as there is more to come, posing a series of challenges for the chief detective and his teammates.

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