Analysis of the status quo of plastic machinery industry


Plastic machinery refers to all kinds of special machin […]

Plastic machinery refers to all kinds of special machinery and devices used in the plastics processing industry. The plastics machinery industry has evolved with the development of polymer chemistry and plastics processing, and has gradually become an independent industrial sector. After the Second World War, many plastic raw materials have been produced on a large scale.

Plastic products replace metal, wood, glass, paper, fiber and other materials, and are used more and more in various sectors of the national economy and people's lives. Today, plastics have become the top ten structural materials for modern industrial construction with metals, wood and cement, and the plastic machinery industry has also become the building materials industry.

Packaging industry, electrical appliances, electronics, information industry, automotive and other transportation industries. Important technical equipment in the agricultural, light industry, biological, medical, petrochemical, and defense sectors. After more than 60 years of development, especially since the rapid development since the reform and opening up.

China's plastic machinery industry has formed the world's largest scale with complete categories, solid foundation, certain technical level, and can basically meet the needs of the national economy, and has considerable international competitiveness. The industrial system has achieved remarkable achievements. The output of China's plastic machinery industry has ranked first in the world for many years. China has become a major producer, consumer and exporter of plastic machinery in the world.

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