Analysis on the development prospect of China's plastic machinery industry


China's plastic machinery has become one of the fastest […]

China's plastic machinery has become one of the fastest growing industries in the traditional machinery manufacturing industry, with an increasing annual demand. In the next few years, China's plastic machinery industry continues to grow.

There are two main factors in the rapid development of China's plastic machinery industry: First, the rapid development of the domestic plastics processing industry, the demand for plastic machinery is strong. The second is the equipment upgrade and the elimination of obsolete equipment brought about by the demand for high-tech equipment. According to the statistics of the data, it can be seen that the increase in the output of plastic products has led to an increase in sales of plastic machinery. The good development prospects of the plastics processing industry will remain the main driving force for the rapid development of China's plastic machinery industry.

After joining the World Trade Organization, it has brought at least two favorable conditions for the development of China's plastic machinery industry: first, it is conducive to exports; second, it is conducive to the introduction of technology, including advanced manufacturing brought by foreign-funded joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises. technology. China's export value has been only 5% to 10% of the total sales value for many years, while Italian exports account for about 50% of its total output value. According to the current production capacity and export potential of China's plastic presses, increasing exports should be one of the basic ways for us to further develop.

With the further maturity of the plastics processing industry, it has also raised higher and higher requirements for the plastic machinery industry. Experts predict that intelligence will become a new direction for the development of plastic machines.

The professional production of plastic presses in China is developing rapidly. The components such as the material device, screw, barrel, reducer and quick changer can be produced by themselves. At the same time, the delivery period has been shortened to 6-9 months, about 1/3 of the past. And the variety of products is diversified, such as various injection molding machines, extruders and blow molding machines. Especially for injection molding machines, large and very large products have been introduced. However, injection molding machines that produce small and complex plastic products such as gear boxes, bobbins, and catheters are a big gap in the Chinese market.

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