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A devolatilizing extrusion method for a polymer composi […]

A devolatilizing extrusion method for a polymer composition, wherein a screw type slewing extruder comprises a cylinder and a screw rotatably supported in the cylinder, the cylinder having a polymer composition supply port, and a polymerization a product outlet and a volatile component outlet.

and a polymer composition containing a polymer and a volatile component is supplied from the polymer composition supply port to the devolatilizing extrusion device, and the volatile component is discharged from the volatile component outlet from the polymer.

The above polymer is obtained at the outlet; the improvement is that the nozzle opening area of the polymer composition supply port satisfies the following formula . Wherein : the polymer content in the weight  of the polymer composition  is represented by  when the polymer content is  the supply amount of the polymer composition.

  opening area of the nozzle  groove depth  of the screw rotation speed of the screw  screw diameter . This improvement makes it possible to improve the removal efficiency of volatile components while avoiding poor ventilation.

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