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 Apart from the visual appeal of this craft, the beauty […]

 Apart from the visual appeal of this craft, the beauty of quilting is its simplicity and with minimal quilting supplies you can produce wonderful results. The oldest method is hand quilting and this is very frequent among people interested in quilting. Making a quilt can be a fun experience and choosing the fabric you work with will enable you to select from an impressive variety of materials. Among quilting supplies most people prefer high quality cotton fabrics for several reasons: cotton is easier to work with, it allows air to circulate and it maintains warmth and it is very durable.

Quilting has a very long tradition and its initial purpose was to create warm clothing and mostly underwear. Although at the beginning quilts were quite expensive nowadays this activity is more popular and it became available to a wider number of people.  At present, people who are interested in trying something new in their spare time can start gathering their quilting supplies. Even if this might seem quite complicated once you understand a few essential items you will be able to quilt. However, those of you who have in mind a easier activity can always turn to knitting which is simpler; furthermore, all the knitting supplies you need are the knitting needles and a ball of yarn. 

Unlike quilting, knitting is a simpler activity which does not require elaborate knitting supplies. The most important tools for this activity are the needles which come in a variety of materials: aluminum, plastic and other fabricated substances. In time, we are sure that you will find a type of knitting needle that becomes your favorite. Although needles are the most important tools, your knitting supplies should also contain at least a ball of yarn, buttons, zippers and if you are interested in accessories you can try Janome. 

Although in its most basic form the only quilting supplies you need are fabric, batting, needles, thread and scissors nowadays on the market there are many tools meant to make you quilt faster and easier and at the same time to improve the quality of the quilt you are creating. These great additions to elementary quilting supplies are the sewing machine, a rotary cutter, great fabric, ribbon, Janome accessories and batting; all of these can be found at an online sewing store and it is entirely up to you to decide what you opt for. 

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