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A progressive cavity type volumetric hole bottom power […]

A progressive cavity type volumetric hole bottom power machine, referred to as a screw drill. The screw of the injection molding machine is a screw drill that is transported to the bottom of the hole through the central hole of the drill pipe by using mud and clean water as the power medium, and is essentially an energy conversion device for converting liquid pressure energy into mechanical energy. During drilling, the screw drill directly drives the core tube and the drill bit connected to the bottom drive shaft. The entire drill string is only used as a passage for conveying the high-pressure working medium and a rod for supporting the counter-torque of the drill bit, and does not make a rotary motion.

The use of screw drilling has many advantages over conventional drilling, such as a significant reduction in drill pipe wear and high drilling speed. It is the main tool for directional holes and has played a role in drilling.The main part of the pin screw is a conventional screw which can be placed in the groove of the melting section or the metering section of the screw or the smooth cylindrical surface without the groove at the end of the metering section. The pins are arranged in a certain arrangement, and the density can vary from one to another. The cylindrical pin is formed by fitting the pin into the hole of the screw; the square or diamond pin is formed by milling the pin directly on the screw.Each plastic has an ideal plasticizing processing temperature range that should be controlled to bring it closer to this temperature range. When the granular plastic enters the barrel from the hopper, it will first reach the feeding section.

Dry friction will inevitably appear in the feeding section. When these plastics are insufficiently heated and melted unevenly, it is easy to cause the inner wall of the cylinder and the surface of the screw to wear more. Similarly, in the compression section and the homogenization section, if the molten state of the plastic is disordered, the wear will increase.Injection molding machine screw.The screw rotates in the barrel, and the friction between the material and the two causes the working surface of the screw and the barrel to wear gradually: the diameter of the screw is gradually reduced, and the diameter of the inner hole of the barrel is gradually increased. Thus, the matching diameter gap between the screw and the barrel increases little with the gradual wear of the two.

However, since the resistance of the front head and the splitter plate of the barrel is not changed, this increases the leakage flow when the extruded material advances, that is, the amount of material flowing from the diameter gap to the feed direction increases. As a result, the production of plastic machinery has decreased. This phenomenon causes the residence time of the material in the barrel to increase, causing the material to decompose. In the case of polyvinyl chloride, the hydrogen chloride gas produced by the decomposition enhances the corrosion of the screw and the barrel.When selecting the specifications of the injection molding machine, we must first consider the condition of the production mold, because the same injection molding machine often needs to meet the production of multiple molds of different sizes. The specifications of the injection molding machine should be determined according to the weight of the workpiece, the size of the mold, etc. Maximum clamping force and maximum injection volume, then select the appropriate model according to the specifications of the injection molding machine manufacturer.

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