Higher the metal bond phase content


Cemented carbide is the world's strongest alloy, playin […]

Cemented carbide is the world's strongest alloy, playing an important role in mold processing, CNC tools, etc. Among them, tungsten carbide-based alloys with cobalt as a binder are common types of hard alloys on the market. So how do you choose high quality carbide? The performance characteristics of cemented carbide are as follows.

High hardness: Carbide tools are made of powdered metallurgy by carbides with high hardness and melting point called hard phase and metal binders called bonded phase, such as cobalt. The hardness is 89-93 HRA, which is much higher than that of high-speed steel. 2 Bending strength and toughness: The bending strength of commonly used cemented carbides is in the range of 900-1500 MPa. The higher the metal bond phase content, the higher the bending strength.

When cemented carbide is used in molds such as cold molds and drawing molds, bending strength and toughness play a crucial role. Many customers are troubled by the lack of quality resistant carbide. The JW50 and JW80 products launched by Jingu Tungsten Steel solved the market problems and met the needs of a large number of customers. JW50 and JW80 are specially designed for stainless steel wire 667.

They are outstanding in the production of screw molds and nut molds. The hard-wearing hard alloys help customers improve the performance of screw molds and nut mold products, and are highly praised by customers. The new darling! If you are still worried about not finding good quality carbide, then try the products of Jingu tungsten steel.

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