Plastic (machinery) enterprises help "Made in Zhejiang" brand image


Recently, Guangdong Province announced the list of "201 […]

Recently, Guangdong Province announced the list of "2017 Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award Winners". The list of presses and presses highlighted the strength of Guangdong presses and the achievements made by Guangdong Province in terms of "strong quality".
Zhejiang Province, "Zhejiang made" brand image, Zhejiang famous brand cultivation also highlighted the quality of manufacturing competitiveness.
It is understood that in 2014, Zhejiang Province adhered to the combination of market-oriented operation and government-led promotion to create the first regional public brand in the country and the brand of "Zhejiang Manufacturing" as a whole reflected and comprehensively reflected the regional public brands of Zhejiang enterprises and product images. Its Goal orientation is high quality, high-end.

Under the promotion of "Made in Zhejiang" brand, a batch of Zhejiang brand-name products and brand-name enterprises that are in line with the industrial optimization and upgrading requirements, mastering core technologies, owning independent intellectual property rights, and saving energy and environmental protection have emerged in the market. Among them, the plastics (machinery) enterprises occupy an important position . These shortlisted companies and their products represent the "high quality" and "high end" of the press industry.
Statistics show that in 2017, the newly added "Zhejiang Made" industrial products related to the plastics industry included 27 enterprises' products.
Plastic machine industry includes: injection molding machine products from Terry Machinery Co., Ltd., plastic injection molding machine products from Ningbo Ramada Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and mold products from Zhejiang Kaihua Mold Co.,
Packaging industry includes: Ningbo Huafeng Packing Co., Ltd. vacuum compression bags, Cheng Tak Technology Co., Ltd. packaging plastic bags without bags, Zhejiang Proportion Packaging Co., Ltd. polyethylene blown film products, and Zhejiang Youwei New Materials Limited The company's vacuum bag film;
Plastic products industry includes: Zhejiang Jiayou Biotechnology Co., Ltd. disposable plastic tableware and plastic Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Xin Ding daily plastic products.
Chemical raw materials industry include: Walter Adhesive Materials Co., Ltd. hot-melt adhesive materials, Zhejiang Sony Materials Co., Ltd. TS series of engineering plastics, Zhejiang Jia Australia Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. plasticizer, Zhejiang Yang Yang high Molecule Technology Co., Ltd. of polyurethane composite adhesive, a Sheng Silicone Co., Ltd. of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, polyurethane raw materials and Zhejiang Hengtai Polyurethane Co., Ltd.
The automotive industry includes: New Energy Vehicle Charging Equipment of Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric Co., Ltd., vehicle steering wheel of Ningbo Mingjia Automotive Interior Co., Ltd., automobile wire of Ningbo Kabio Electric Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Lvyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. The company's mopeds;
Electronics industry includes: Ningbo Kaiyao Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. LED bulb, Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Co., Ltd. lamps, and Haiyan Huashuai Plastic Electric Co., Ltd. PMMA compound pouring plate;
Cable industry includes: Zhejiang Zhengjian Cable Co., Ltd. wire, cable, optical cable and electrical equipment manufacturing, Zhejiang Wanma Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. PVC cable materials, and Liaoyuan Cable Group Co., Ltd. wire and cable
Other also include: Zhejiang three-dimensional Technology Co., Ltd. flash casting 3D printer and Zhejiang Arch East Medical Technology Co., Ltd. laboratory and medical supplies.
The 27 new industrial products in the plastics industry once again represent the pursuit of quality and brand creativity in the plastics (machinery) industry. Zhejiang Province, brand cultivation on the presses and other industries are both a good policy, but also an important impetus to continue to move forward.


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