Under Industry 4.0, what are the advantages of these presses?


Husky   Husky, the world's largest supplier of manufact […]

Husky, the world's largest supplier of manufacturing solutions, has operations in the fields of machinery, molds, systems and services for solutions in beverage packaging, bottle caps, thin-walled packaging, medical, electronics and automotive. Its customized complete solution saves energy, is easy to operate, high in work efficiency and high in intelligence. The main products are HyPET, H-PET AE, HyCAP, HyPAC and Hylectric.
KraussMaffei, known as the industry's Rolls-Royce, is one of the leading suppliers of plastic, rubber manufacturing and processing equipment and systems in the world and is currently acquired by China National Chemical Corporation. Our products are developed and produced in series. There are CX series, GX series, MX series and PX series for chemical, automotive, construction, packaging and pharmaceutical industries. Their products are personalized, modular and standardized.
As one of the world's leading injection molding equipment manufacturers, Arburg is well-known for its products in Germany, Denmark, China and Singapore. Its individual, modular, extensive and flexible ALLROUNDER injection molding machines (eg Horizontal Allrounder, Vertical Allrounder, etc.) represent quality, reliability, efficiency and economy.
ENGEL is a global market leader in plastics machinery with a wealth of experience and expertise that makes it well established in diverse packaging industries with its proven, diverse solutions and innovative injection molding machines. Duo, e-duo, victory, e-mac and insert are all renowned products and equipment. Its low energy consumption, absolute free space and best mold protection make ENGEL stand out in the global market. Products , A very personal business and characteristics.
In 2017, there were 402 enterprises above the designated size in China's plastics machinery manufacturing industry. China's plastics machinery industry enjoys a strong momentum of development. Well-known domestic enterprises are actively preparing for the international market.
Haitian International
As the largest injection molding machine manufacturer in the world, Haitian International is a well-deserved leader in China and provides 29,500 injection molding machines worldwide, of which 30% are exported to over 130 countries and regions. Its main Tianlong Ⅱ series and Rainbow Ⅱ series are highly acclaimed by virtue of its characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and precision.
Iraq's secret
Guangdong Yizumi has strong strength in the field of molding equipment. The products are involved in the field of chemical industry, automobile, construction and packing box. The SK series, SJ series, DP series and D1 series have established their reputation in the international market with high efficiency and precision .
Borch is our focus on the design, manufacture, sale of high-precision energy-saving environmentally friendly injection molding machine of high-tech enterprises. Its production of BU two-board injection molding machine, BH precision rapid prototyping machine, BM multicolor multi-material injection molding machine, BE all electric injection molding machine series and BS-Ⅲ servo energy-saving series of precision, clean, efficient, short cycle and other characteristics of the industry Spotlight.
Force Jin
Lijin Group main business involves the die-casting machines, injection molding machines and CNC machining centers in the world set up a number of technology centers, its production of high dimensional accuracy, good stability, high injection pressure, injection speed, response Fast, its FORZA, EFFORT, POTENZA, EFFECTA-S and other products have been well received.
There are also companies such as Nexteer, Demag, Witten Battenfeld, Sumitomo, Fanuc, Milacron, Zhenxiong, Datong, Tung Wah and Bole, which are not listed in the article because of the length of the article. Plastic processing is the highlight of the manufacturing industry. It plays an important role in the fields of packaging, electronics, 3D printing, spaceflight and automobile, and will also optimize the development of all walks of life in the future.
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