Injection molding machine screw removal


If there is slight wear or scratch on the working surfa […]

If there is slight wear or scratch on the working surface of the screw, it can be ground with oil stone or fine sand cloth. If the working surface of the screw is damaged, the surface of the screw is severely worn.

If the groove is deep, the cause of screw wear should be checked and the fault should be eliminated to avoid A similar phenomenon occurs again, and then the repair of the deeper damage groove is repaired. If the thread of the whole screw is seriously worn, the matching clearance between the screw and the barrel increases, the leakage of the melt increases during operation, and the injection volume is unstable.

The outer circumference of the thread of the screw should be thermally sprayed with wear-resistant alloy, and then according to the barrel The actual size of the inner diameter is screwed according to the matching clearance requirement of the part.

If the barrel is seriously worn, the diameter of the inner hole is increased after the repair, and the grinding after the screw is unable to meet the clearance requirement of the barrel and the screw. The screw should be remanufactured. The thread outer diameter of the screw should be machined according to the actual clearance of the barrel according to the fit clearance requirements of the two parts.

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