Offer several design options such as conventional


Milacron Extrusion sells new feed screws with a variety […]

Milacron Extrusion sells new feed screws with a variety of options available. Feed screws are typically made of 4140 steel, polished, and hard faced with either Colmonoy 56 or 83. They can also be chrome plated or surface treated with a carbide encapsulation for more abrasive or demanding applications.Milacron Extrusion sells vented and non-vented barrels. Barrels are typically made of JP38/BM32 equivalent steel. We offer clamp-type, bolt-on, or threaded discharge flanges. 

Services nearly all types of gearboxes including Flender, Koellmann, Davis Standard, Lufkin, NRM, HPM, Egan, Gloucester, Erema, Alpine, Kiefel, Welex, and many others. We work with OEMs to get you discount pricing on new replacement gearboxes, as well. Barrels are centrifugally cast with bi-metallic liners of Nickel-Boron or Tungston-Carbide. Rupture disc and pressure transducer holes are pre-drilled at the factory and thermocouple holes can either be pre-drilled or drilled on site. In addition we offer several design options such as conventional or barrier, with mixing options such as straight Maddock, spiral Maddock, and Pineapple.

We are capable of handling requests of any size, application, and complexity.Milacron Extrusion sells and installs cast-in or finned aluminum heaters, Mica-band heaters, and Cool-to-the-Touch heating and air cooling shroud systems. In addition, we can perform changeovers from water to air or vice versa.Milacron Extrusion can help with all of your procurement needs with a multitude of products necessary for a successful operation. Other items we can offer advice on and help to supply include co-extruders, breaker plates, feed section bushings, pressure transducer drill & tap kits, barrel measuring kits, chill rollers, screen changers, melt pumps, pelletizers, and shredders.

Screw Barrel is the main product of BR Engineering Works. We have gain an expertise in manufacturing & supplying this product in market.Screw Barrel is variably used in all types of plastic processing machinery. This versatile product is inevitable part of any plastic plant or turn key projects. Our Screw are made from the high quality Musco materials diameter ranging from 14mm to 250mm up to maximum length of 4.5 meters.We made barrel design in such way that it suits to screw by its inner or outer diameter. Diameter of barrel is 14mm to 300mm up to maximum length of 5 meters.

zhoushan screw and barrel