Planetary screw deceleration principle


The planetary reducer planet, as its name implies, rota […]

The planetary reducer planet, as its name implies, rotates around the star, so the planetary reducer is like this, with three planetary gears rotating around a sun gear. With the rapid development of the planetary reducer industry, more and more industries and different enterprises have applied planetary reducers, and more and more enterprises have grown stronger in the planetary reducer industry.

The company that produces the reducer is The company is engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of transmission machinery. It is committed to the development and production of transmission products. The products enjoy high reputation in the international market and have a high reputation in the field of power transmission. The company has the world's advanced processing machine tools and testing equipment, strong technical force, can provide users with high-quality products. The main products are P series planetary gear reducer。

K series helical gear-spiral bevel gear reducer; T series spiral bevel gear steering box; R series hard tooth helical gear reducer; F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer; S series Helical gear-worm gear reducer; H, B series hard tooth surface industrial gearbox; MB series stepless speed changer; NMRV series worm gear reducer and various series of non-standard reducer, etc., all gears are carburized and quenched heat treatment, grinding The tooth processing accuracy is 5, ensuring product reliability and low noise. Reduced speed changer has the characteristics of high strength, small volume, low noise, large transmission torque and high service life.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, textile, food, plastic, pharmaceutical, ceramic, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, mining, tobacco, papermaking. , in the fields of mechanical equipment such as tanning, woodworking, electronic instrumentation, glass, and environmental protection. The product adopts serialized and modular design ideas, and has wide adaptability to meet the needs of the broad customer base. The planetary reducer is a versatile industrial product that is comparable in performance to other military grade planetary reducer products, but has the price of industrial grade products and is used in a wide range of industrial applications.

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