Prepare the screw and get ready to install


First of all, unscrew the screws on the, both sides of […]

First of all, unscrew the screws on the, both sides of your axis console coat. And then remove the crux console cross from the car. Then Pull out the old radio and disconnect the wires carefully. Be sure that place the parts in the right place. Otherwise, you can easily lose these gadgets. The most important step is to remove the CPU.Some kits may have a CPU mount that you can screw into place. Then you should mount the tentacle to the turn of the console under the windshield.

There is an adhesive strip on the underside. You must to use it to spear onto the curve of the dash as close to where the windshield meets the dash as you can. Run the wires provided from the CPU to the receiver and the navigation item. And then block the rope yoke into the back of navigation component.Slide the Toyota Corolla Car DVD Navigation into the dash. You should be careful. Don’t disconnect any the wires. After screwing the seat console instance back into place; you can encode the In Dash Car DVD Player logic. You can do that by the abuser handbook instruction.bought 2 Din Car DVD Navigation for my Toyota Corolla. It has been over 5 year when I purchased this car.

It always operated well until one day the Car DVD player was broken. I can not get used to this condition without the driving guider. So I purchased my TOYOTA Navigation DVD online. It was a great idea and helped me save a amount of money. But one made me disappointed is the shipping time. Over 15 day to arrive USA. It works fine after installing and nothing wrong was found in the past month. Now I’d like to share some installing information to assist your in dash DVD navigation well. Go to your aftermarket car store and find the right model for your car model. It is not as complex as you expect. Most of the navigation systems work perfectly as long as you choose the right model.

You wouldn’t forget your car brand and model. Right? It is not bad to purchase online. But be sure the shipping time and call the service tracking your goods from time to time. When you receive the In-Dash Car DVD Player, prepare the screw and get ready to install. The times have changed, but the love for body jewelry has not decreased a bit. People still love to get their body parts pierced, and what with the internally threaded jewelry, has become a mystery to explore. The mystery of internally threaded piercing jewelry is that there is a small rod like screw on one part of the body jewelry ring and it can be opened to insert the thin part in to the pierced hole and then the screw can be closed with twisting it back.

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