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For many riflemen, the name “Sabatti” conjures images o […]

For many riflemen, the name “Sabatti” conjures images of exquisitely crafted and equally expensive double rifles destined for the Dark Continent, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Nevertheless, the company also manufactures an array of arms for various sporting pursuits beyond the “Big Five,” one example being the subject of this review Manufactured in Italy, the Saphire melds tradition and modernity.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the , cold-hammer-forged, 4140 steel barrel. Shooters who fancy open sights will rejoice at the inclusion of a drift-adjustable notch rear and post front, while non-purists can attach optics via the integral Picatinny rail segments atop the 7075 aluminum alloy receiver. Having both on hand can save a hunt. The muzzle is available with either a  TPI thread pattern, depending on the chambering, for adding a brake or suppressor, and a thread-protecting cap is provided for times when one isn’t used.

The Saphire features Sabatti’s unique Multi Radial Rifling . According to the company  “Two different radiuses alternate in order to positively grip the bullet geometrically without submitting it to extreme stress. The specific rifling geometry of the forcing cone in MRR barrels makes it possible for the chamber neck and freebore to guide the bullets into the rifling more precisely and steadily than with the traditional rifling system.

Advertised benefits include higher velocities, tighter groups, fewer fliers, fewer copper deposits, easier cleaning and less barrel wear.barrels are interchangeable, and so long as the cartridges are in the same “group”—matching the bolt head size and action length—it’s a straightforward swap. An example is switching from  Swede to Mauser or Sprg. But, for exchanges outside of the group, the magazine, magazine box and bolt head might require.

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