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It is an internally meshed closed screw pump, the main […]

It is an internally meshed closed screw pump, the main working part consisting of a bushing (stator) with a double-headed spiral cavity and a single-ended screw (rotor) meshing therewith in the stator cavity.

When the input shaft drives the rotor to rotate around the center of the stator through the universal joint, the stator-rotor pairs are continuously meshed to form a sealed cavity. A single-screw pump (mono pump) is a rotor-type positive displacement pump that relies on a screw and a bushing to mesh with each other.

 produce a volume change in the suction chamber and the discharge chamber to transport the liquid.The sealed chambers are uniformly moved in a constant axial direction, and the conveying medium is passed from the suction end to the stator.

The rotor pair is delivered to the extrusion end, and the medium sucked into the closed chamber flows through the stator without being agitated and destroyed. Single screw pump classification: integral stainless steel single screw pump, shaft stainless steel single screw pump.

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