What is a screw shaft


The outer surface is cut with a spiral grooved cylinder […]

The outer surface is cut with a spiral grooved cylinder or a cone with a tapered spiral groove. Screws have different heads, and others, such as large flat screws, hexagon socket screws, and the like. The outer diameter of the metric thread is in millimeters, such as 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 20 mm, etc.

The pitch is also in millimeters, such asĀ  The diameter is in inches, and each inch is equal to. So the metric caliper is often read with irregular decimals. Inch pitch is expressed in terms of how many teeth per inch. Set the caliper to 25.4 mm, align one apex with the thread tip, and the other cusp such as the thread cusp is an inch thread.

For example, the tangential thread tip should be a metric thread. When measuring the pitch, it is best to reverse the tip of the thread on the white chalk. The print on the chalk is clear and easy to measure. Measuring the metric pitch should measure a length, such as 10, 15, 20, mm, etc. Count the number of teeth and calculate the pitch.

The thread size is specified in inches as the inch thread, such as: G1". The metric thread is metric thread, such as: M30. The inch is determined by how many teeth are in one inch (2.54 cm). It is a 55 degree angle. The metric is the pitch of the two cusps, which is the pitch of the MM, which is generally 60 degrees.

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