Conical twin-screw barrel Manufacturers

Conical twin-screw barrel

1. Product introduction

● Material selection of alloy steel: 38CRMOALA, quenching and tempering, qualitative, nitriding, grinding and other processes, with high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

2. Product Specifications

● Φ45 / 90 Φ45 / 100 Φ50 / 105 Φ51 / 105 Φ55 / 110 Φ60 / 125 Φ65 / 120 Φ65 / 132 Φ80 / 156 Φ92 / 188
Choose different compression ratio for screw according to different formulations and different products first.

3. technical indicators

● 38CrMoAIA

● Nitriding treatment

● Surface hardness: HV ≥ 900

● Nitride layer depth: 0.5-0.8mm

● Surface chrome hardness ≥ 1000HV

● Chromium layer thickness: 0.01-0.10mm

● Dual alloy hardness: HRC60-70

● Double alloy layer depth ≥ 2mm

● Spiral surface with double alloy welding, effectively improve the life of the screw. Easy wear out parts of material mouth is made of imported alloy steel, after special treatment, can effectively improve the wear resistance of the cylinder ear, improve service life.

4. screw type

● Ordinary type, double variant, hybrid, super-cone, granulation and so on.

5. The scope of application

● Apply to ordinary plastics, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, granulation of raw materials, production of pipe, profiled material, sheet, wood plastic and other extrusion machinery.

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