Double alloy screw barrel Manufacturers

Double alloy screw barrel

1. Product introduction

1) ordinary nitriding screw (SACM645)
2) tooth top welding double alloy
3) full coverage tungsten steel screw
4) All hard series NPT1, NPT2, NOT3
5) The ceramic film, diamond film surface
6) In-hole centrifugal casting alloy (sub-ABC three levels)

2. Alloy level

ST-A grade: tungsten carbide 38%
ST-B class: tungsten carbide 22%
ST-C grade: tungsten carbide 10.5%

3. technical indicators

Alloy hardness: HRC60 ° -70 °
Inside diameter: 14-200mm
Effective length: 4600mm
Effective length: 10000mm
Film density: 98-99.8%
Hardness: Hv1100-1400 ℃
Adhesion strength: 10000Psi above

4. The scope of application

For general resin and high-functional resin, high proportion glass fiber, carbon fiber and various fire-retardant additives, Bakelite and PPA, PPO, PPS, LCP magnetic powder, PC and other special engineering plastics.

Double-alloy screw advantages: the screw surface is not easy to wear, add 30% less fiberglass and recycled materials particularly good.

Skin characteristics

  1. High-density cemented carbide, porosity and high hardness.
  2. Even powder heating, residual lead pressure is low.
  3. Effective smooth spray.
  4. High-powered energy and uniform hardness.
  5. High corrosion resistance, high wear resistance Yu high temperature characteristics.
  6. High adhesion, film thickness can be processed.

Hardness: HV1100-1400 °
Adhesion strength: 10000Ps or more
Alloy powder: tungsten carbide (WC)
Nickel-chromium alloy(NiCr)
Self-fluxing alloy (develop alloy powder also for different materials and application)


Cylinder bore centrifugal casting double metal, double alloy screw barrel, with the advantages of wear and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, commonly used in transparent lenses shell, cosmetics containers, transparent acrylic nylon, PVC, PC, PPA, PPO, PPS, PA6T, LCP, ABS fire, electricity Wood, PC + glass fiber, nylon + glass fiber, magnetic powder, ceramic powder, aluminum magnesium powder iron powder electric injection molding machines.

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